When Heaven Decides To Call


It’s been a long time, it’s been a dark night
Since it was gone, can’t find the light
Not even if I reach another “land of the gold”.
Can’t fight the life
The stars, when they fall, all your signs
Blow away your mind, it’s time to go on
The secrets of life you just try to retain on you,
It’s time to move on

Cannot hold it tight, losing all the bright
It’s out of you, don’t fly with me, my fall star

Easily life goes so slippery
When heaven decides to call
Waiting for another star that falls
Easily, life is so slippery
My heaven was buried in the ground
I light my candle and I stand

It’s been a long time, such a dark lonely time,
Since it was gone. It’s been so intense
Not even if I turn the page, turn myself and flow,
It’s losing the sense
Crying out all the pain on your chest,
Separate love from lies, figure out what it was.
The whole world against your tears,
It seems to be the right. Won’t be there when you fall

It’s been a long time and no longer
Will it grow so green, don’t forsaken me
Not even if I close my eyes and reach paradise.
It isn’t with me
The stars when they fall send you signs
That you cannot see. There won’t be a rise
The secrets of life flying bright
Right before my eyes, for the very first time

Cannot hold it tight, losing all the bright
It’s out of you, my falling star

Composição: Daysa MunhózColaboração e revisão: Rodrigo

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