Veruca Salt

Tom: G
Tabbeb By: *@* Play that 4 times then: G5 A#5 A5 G5 A#5 !-----------------------------------| A5 G5 !-----------------------------------| !-----------------------------------| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--3--3-3-6-6-5--5--3--3-3-6-6-5--3-| PM = Palm Mute G5(PM) C5(PM) F5(PM) Your so wonderful I adore you G5(PM) C5(PM) C5 I adore you I adore you victrola G5 A#5 A5 G5 A#5 !-----------------------------------| A5 G5 !-----------------------------------| !-----------------------------------| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-|
!--3--3-3-6-6-5--5--3--3-3-6-6-5--3-| Play that 4 times then: G5(PM) C5(PM) F5(PM) Your so audio don't remove me G5(PM) C5(PM) C5 To a movie I am grooving victrola then she plays this: G5 A#5 A5 G5 A#5 !-------------------------------------------------| A5 G5 A#5 A5 G5 !-------------------------------------------------| !-------------------------------------------------| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--3--3-3-6-6-5--5--3--3-3-6-6-5--3--3-3-6-6-5--3-| then it goes to the solo which i have no clue. I think that it is just the same riff and the beginning played over and over. Although it sounds higher. Then everything drops out and its just guitar playing this: G5 A#5 A5 G5 A#5 !-----------------------------------| A5 G5 !-----------------------------------| !-----------------------------------| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--5--5-5-8-8-7--5--5--5-5-8-8-7--5-| !--3--3-3-6-6-5--5--3--3-3-6-6-5--3-| she plays that 4 times then goes to the third verse: G5(PM) C5(PM) Your my winter love I can lie here F5(PM) G5(PM) C5(PM) With you so near we both live here G5(PM) C5(PM) Happy new year your my sweet dear G5 victrola Then she plays the begining riff again 7 times then ends of a G5 chord. I'm not sure about all the chords or the lyrics during the verse. If anyone has any suggestions or any ideas aobut the solo please write me at *
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