Artillery Attack


Born in a world of madness
Sick and tired of all this shit
Tolerance is for the fools
My last hope is a war!

In this life they´ll pay!

Your heaven will never come
I´m not going to wait until I die
Raise your head and raise your voice
Let´s start to kill !

You better start to pray!

(Uooh) Artillery (x3)

Speeches are for those who believe
That just words can change the reality
Stupid rules of conformism
Transformed existence in a purgatory!

In this life they´ll pay!

Terminate the authority
Blast the barriers with all your felling to kill
The power is at our hands
Crush the oppressor and thrash´em all!

You better start to pray!

(Uooh) Artillery (x3)
(Uooh) Attack

Speak your mind/ Begin the slaughter/ Causing mass destruction
It´s up to you /United Forces/ Die Hard
No remorse/ hunt their heads/ and show no mercy
It´s payback time/Forget the law/ Become a Violator!

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Do TodosSamuel AguiarCaio Victor

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