A Life Of Illusion

Joe Walsh

Tom: G
[Tab - Intro] E|-------------------------------- B|-----------------------------1-- G|--------------0-------2--0------ D|------0---2-------2------------- A|--3----------------------------- E|-------------------------------- E|-------------0-| B|-0---3---1-----| G|---------------| D|---------------| A|---------------| E|---------------| E|-------------------------------- B|-----------------------1--0--3-- G|-----------0-----2--0----------- D|-----0--2-----2----------------- A|--3----------------------------- E|-------------------------------- B E|-----0---------| B|1----1---------| G|-----0---------| D|-----2---------| A|-----3---------| E|-----0---------| E Sometimes I can't help but thinkin' that I'm B Living a life of illusion E And oh why can't we let it be and see through B The hole in this wall of confusion F# I just can't help but feeling E B I'm living a life of illusion
E Pow,right between the eyes Oh how nature loves her little B surprises E Wow,it all seems so logical now It's just one of her better B disguises F# And it comes with no warning E B Nature loves her little surprises F# E B Continual crisis [Solo] F# E F# E F# E B E Hey don't you know it's a waste of your day B Caught up in endless solutions E That have no meaning just another hunch B F# Based upon jumping conclusions F# E B Caught up in endless solutions F# E Backed up against a wall of B confusion F# E B Living a life of illusion [Final] F# E B F# E B F# E B
Composição: Joe Walsh / Kenny PassarelliColaboração e revisão: Eduardo Wexler

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