Turn To Stone

Joe Walsh

Tom: C
got the guitar tab up father quickly. this is the intro solo. it might be wrong because the distortion on it. but i think its rightits all on the high e string E-12--8-10-8-12-------6-7-9h10p99- E|5-7------12-8-10-8-15-14-12-10---- E|6-7-9h10p99-5-7 this is the other guitar in the intro e--------------------------------- b--------------------------------- g-7-7--5-5-3-3----3-3--5-5-7-7---- d-7-7--5-5-3-3----3-3--5-5-7-7---- a-5-5--3-3-1-1----1-1--3-3-5-5---- e--------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- b|---------------------------------- g|-7-7--5-5-5-5-3-3--3-----3-3--5-5- d|-7-7--5-5-5-5-3-3--3-----3-3--5-5- a|-5-5--3-3-3-3-1-1--1-----1-1--3-3- e|---------------------------------- e|-----| b|-----| g|-----| d|-5x2-| a|-5---| e|-3---| verse is just an F power chord that goes in the rythem with the lyrics. except for this riff 1 andriff 2 e-------------- e- b-------------- b- g-3-3-3-3-3---- g- d-3-3-3-3-3-3-- d- a-1-1-1-1-1-3-- a- e-----------1-- e- e|10-10-8----8--10-| b|--------10-------| g|-----------------|2nd time dont d|-----------------| 10 a|-----------------| e|-----------------| e| b| g|play last d| a| e| riff 1 hey, now , the wells run dry pages of your book on fire read the writing riff 2 on the wall riff2
riff1 hoedown, its a showdown everywhere you look where fighting riff2 hear the call riff 2 g power chord and you know its getting stronger a power chord dont think they can last much longer turn to stone the riff at the end of stone is this lets call it riff 3 e-1------1-----1----------1-----1- b-3--3-----3---3----5/6-3---3---3- g-2-2--------2-2----5/6-3-----2-2- d-0------------------------------- a-0------------------------------- e--------------------------------- e|---1-----1-----1------1-----1----- b|---3--3----3---3--3-----3---3--3-- g|---2-2-------2-2-2--------2-2-2--- d|---------------------------------- a|---------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- e|-1----1-| b|---3--3-| g|-----22-| d|--------| a|--------| e|--------| then the intro including the solo again then the verse again this is only the lyrics Well theres a change in the wind You know the signs don't lieriff1 Such a strange feeling and I dont know why Its takin... such a long time ... ^rif2 ^rif2 Backyard people and they work all day Tired of the speeches rif1 And the way the reasons they keep changin... rif 2 Just to make the Words Rhyme...rif2 g And you know its getting stronger, a Cant fake 'em out much longer Turn to stone riff 3 theres more lyrics, but just look em up. hope the tab helped you!!
Composição: Joe Walsh / Terry TrebandtColaboração e revisão:

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