Burning At The Stake


5. Burning At The Stake

In 1410 it was written when
The Smithfield fires burned so hot
The Saints were led as the bodies bled
To a place where they knew that they'd be free
Through the years and with all the fears
Kingdoms rose and then would fall
Ceaser's turn still the martyrs burned
As the pious all would heed the call

I will not kneel or confess to a lie
Standing for truth on this day I will die
Burning at the stake - falsely accused

Burning at the stake - burning at the stake
Flames are burning high

45 the believers died as Stalin burned the country's face
Hitler proved he could remove 6 million just because of race
We make the plea of the century
Cause the fires still are burning hot
At your best could you stand the test
Of living in a prison till you rot?

It is true and I'm telling you, lies travel faster than the truth
The world is wrong and it won't be long
Till the devil asks ya who you're gonna choose
It's still this way, each and every day
Thousands die for their faith
In your hearts desire could you take the fire
And face your final fate

Composição: WayneColaboração e revisão: Samuel Corrêa

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