The Night Is An Ocean

Winter Aid

Oh little darling
Please let it be
I can be quiet if you want to sleep
I will say nothing, nothing
I will say nothing, nothing at all

Oh little darling
Please let it be
I won't speak of the things you dream
I will say nothing
Summer arrived while you were asleep
The days are sweet and Sun-fading
I want for nothing

The night is a blanket seamed with teeth
I don't know why it seems so sweet
It might be nothing
But autumn arrived while I was asleep
The leaves are collecting in our street
I can do nothing

And just when I find the words to speak
The night turns cold and I turn weak
So I say nothing
So I say nothing

And just when you start to fall asleep
You wake me up and touch my cheek
And I need nothing
And I need nothing nothing, but that
The night is an ocean the stars are its fleet

They sail to the Sun and reel in defeat
They fade to nothing
They fade to nothing at all
Oh, little darling, stubborn and sweet
Can't figure out what all of this means
I would say nothing

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Eliza Lopes

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