Stiletto Strut

Alleycat Scratch

Check this out motherfuckers!!!

Well, I'm a time bomb tick tick tick
And I'll explode in your face
Pretty suicide, my pistol's loaded
My love's on straight
Well if you don't like my attitude
I guess I'm leavin' this place

She's gonna use it, don't abuse it
Stiletto strut
She's my psycho love

I've got a wild, wild child
Stiletto strut
She loves to push and shove

I like the sleaze, oh will you please
Stiletto strut
She's my psycho love

She shows our mouths?

And never dies
Stiletto strut

Well I see you standin' there
But I don't care
Every time I look at you
I stop
And stare
I just wanna fasten my teeth in your only hair?

Oh, I'm one stiff kitty
I'm so hot for your love
You got my bone's a shakin'
Lets get down to push an shove

And girl! I'll be cool to you
If I think it's really love

Composição: Devin Lovelace / Justin SayneColaboração e revisão: Francis LimaDéborah Moreira

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