Dying Slowly

Attika 7

Smoke your last cigarette
While the tide is burning
She’s stoking up the fire
With all her needles and things
Set in stone I won’t reform
Silent anger hidden in the storm
I was dead but now I’m reborn
And the world keeps changing

Your pain has turned you grey
Are you still breathing
When you wake up from your dream
And realize we’re just dying
We’re all just dying
We’re all just, dying slowly

They play with my imagination
All the thoughts in my head
Happiness comes and it goes
Like the bitter end my friends
Stripped down of everything
But never laughing burden
When you’re given all you’ve got to give
How do you fix what is broken?

We stomp the beast to this motherfucker
Its always been around
See all the little pieces
All spread out on the ground
Don’t need to hear the shit
The way you run your mouth
We’re dying, were dying, were dying

We’re all just dying
We’re all just, dying slowly

Composição: Jay RexxColaboração e revisão: Diego Ramalho

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