American Science


It's a little bit late now
But there's times you will
Get a little bit out of hand
Making all of a spill
And if we can lay this down
You're going all the way
Take a look and I'll check it out
'Cause I can always find it

Such a lonely place. Ooh
This room without your face. Ooh

Ooh. American science
All night long she can two-step and sway
Ooh, it's such awful manners
Don't keep me waiting, come and lie beside me

A little megalomania becomes you, evidently
There ain't a thing you can acquire
With your cling-wrap plaything
Just look at this state
I crawl around in a daze
Like symptomatic case
Of your soul persuasion

Such a lonely place. Ooh
This room without your face. Ooh

Ooh, it's a little bit later now
And there's time you will let it all get
Out of hand when you feel you feel
I just switched on the operation
Such a lovely face. Ooh
It pulls me into place. Ooh

Composição: Simon LeBonColaboração e revisão: Wesley Rosa

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