if i could look down from the vantage of an enraged god
i'd pass judgement on your betrayal
proceed with your punishment
scratch that apologetic smile
from your beautiful face
convert my falling tears to daggers that impale you
pierce the flesh i love
and drive the life from your body
the lovely body i've held to mine
our last moments filled with pain
and unspeakable pleasure
our last moments filled with pain
and unspeakable pleasure

i would lick your wounds
and kiss the blood from your eyes
our bodies entangled like lovers locked
as existence fades from your silver eyes
intimately you hold me
in an instant of enlightenment
i'd like to think you see what's lost

the two of us will end
the beauty sentenced to death
the two of us will end

if had the will of a god
i'd leave you impaled to die
but i don't have the will of a god
i kneel in the street
with my anger spent

i betray myself
for years on end
breathing is so difficult
when you've chosen to suffocate

Composição: Sam RosenthalColaboração e revisão: julia cavalcanti

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