CG5 Official Medley


[I Got No Time]
I got no time
I got no time to live
I've got no time to live and I can't say goodbye
And I'm regretting having memories
Of my friends, who they used to be
Beside me before they left me to die

[World of Gray]
I wonder if it's night or day
I can never tell, I can never tell
All I know is I'm here to stay
In this prison cell, in this prison cell

Lend me your hand, we've got more than one night planned
Let me crawl into your skin, release the evil within

[Absolutely Anything]
I'll do anything, anything, anything that you need me to do
I'll do anything, anything, anything that you need me to do

In the dark I see everything, there's no place that I'd rather be

[No More Cake]
A bang, bang comin' from the kitchen
Put that cupcake down, you sweet little chicken

[Child Like You]
Give me a chance to live, I'm only a kid
I want my mom and dad but got the feeling they aren't here

[Can't Get Over It]
I got over it today

Join our reality
We’re swollen with insanity

[Find Da Wae]
Can you show me da wae?

[Without You]
Without you, I can't breathe
Without you, I can't breathe

[Let Me Through]
I sing my song all night long just for you
Please, oh please, I'm on my knees!

Wonders all around, but it ain't your everyday playground
She is watching over this unbounded roller coaster

[Just Another Day]
I gotta make my mark, but I don't know where to start
Every puzzle that I confront seems so easy but so hard
It's tickin' me off, shutting me down
But I pick myself up, because it's just another day

[You Will Believe]
It's time to believe in what you can't see
It's time to believe there's a deep, dark truth
It's time to believe old Joey drew a monster
Now he's coming after you

I'm sorry, you've been misinformed
This is just a never ending labyrinth and nothing more

[The Final Straw]
This is the last and final straw
So take my hand, man!

Time to die, I've gone awry
Say your last goodbye!
Play that old song, in the night
This is the spotlight!

[Can I Get An Amen]
Can I get an amen?

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: AngelInkDemon 15Heeitis .

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