All Rapped Up

Colin James

I'm all rapped up in this ghetto shit
So when them task tried to blast I just smashed on the pedal quick
Heading for the hideout
The night wasn't finished so I..
Hooked up with Ron.. smoke some bomb so we could handle some business
Bad N-Fluenz minds click
Listen to some Spice 1 so I'm thinking about some non spin
And you know that Smoke Season's in
But I'm an Alcoholic, I beat that grind..
I'm bout to go get some sips of gin
Riding to the mother fucking liquor store..
Got the mini-tech as I pick the show.. just so the tricks will know
Pulled in front of the store, this nigga mugging like he know me
I look at him.. walk in East Oakland got my gin and round of E40.
When I came out.. this nigga straight Dru Down on me..
Now I'm a cocaine tech.. what you going to do now homie
I knew he was going to try and do me soon
But I'm a mack like Goldy and a mother fucking luniztoon
So you bout to have a slug in ya.
I ain't loving ya..
I tack that ass like the Governor
Didn't see your partnas in the cuts smoking newports
They started busting their mouth it was long and their was Too Short.
They must of thought I sold Heavy D
I make the caddy look like a steel bowl of spaghetti G..
Look how these punk ass niggas want to act tonight
It ain't my fault they didn't know I ain't rapped to tight..

I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit
I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit

Drunk again in the 40 some a sac or two..
Now I need 2 pac.. I mean go get two packs of brew
So I can go see this bitch..
I got the mini-tech but I got a license too
You know I got to B Legit
The Po Pos still pulled me over so and they swore me
They had a stupid ass dog
Plus I had a warrant G.
I ain't got no time for no drama though
So I bust a tec out the window and watch them fall like a Domino
Roll off like a cool G..
Wrap the tec up
Roll up.. a Cool J..
Roll up.. Smoke a lot of dubee
Striking in my long, tan caddy
A mother fucking super assassin like gran daddy
Still headed for the bitch house.. my partna told me
She was a dangerous dame.. but I had to check what you got
Cause I heard she like tough sex..
Like MC Lyte this hoe wanted a ruff neck
And I got to get some cock today.
And if I fuck without a rubber I'm going to have to go see Doctor Dre
And I don't want to get no D-Shot.
In my ass.. shit I rather pass fucking with that weak cock..
I'm finally here so I can see whats up..
I got a soul full of midgets so you know of shit ya fuck
When I walked in I tried to show some gratitude
But she was a bitch with a problem and a hoe with an attitude
I asked the bitch can I get some Ice Tea with Ice Cubes?
She smacked me mc pooh I ain't no nice dude
And she might get smacked tonight
Cause Ant Diddley Mother Fucking Dog ain't rapped to tight

I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit
I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit

I tried to slap this bitch face off
Cause she was in the rage and she straight thought she was the fucking
And then the bitch called me out my name..
So I went to another level and put her in the House of Pain
She didn't know about this hard place
She tried to Kriss Kross me out so I left her with a Scarface
She thought that Ant Bank came phat
She thought that I was gonna save her and let her help me count my stack
She thought that I was richer then Richie Rich
But I ain't falling for no easy stick, finger ass trippy bitch
I straight left the bitch in Shock G smobbed off
Thought I was a Gangstarr
Couldn't nobody stop me..
I felt like a damn OutKast..
So I went to the Church and asked Father Dom to help me out fast.
He said he couldn't cause I was Naughty by Nature..
A Public Enemy and everybody just hate cha.
So fuck it..I'm out bumpin Mc Eiht
High as fuck and I'm stuck and I can't see straight
I handle business though..
Yeah it was a sinch job
I'm out to the cut to hook up with the Lench Mob..
And I'm about to burn ten more sacs tonight
And I don't give a fuck if I ain't rapped to tight.

I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit
I'm all rapped up I just can't quit
I'm all rapped up in this gangsta shit

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Dih carvalho

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