Hybrid Existence

Eleven Strings

The masterpiece of creation
An organic spiral floating through
The deepest known space
The bent pendulum
Of consciousness

A link between a thousand words
Buried into a
Micro organic technology
The dichotomy entropy
Converging all energy
Into nothing

A paradoxical sentence
Given from the outer space
The formless fractal codex trans-passed by the
Aeons of dimensions

The abomination overflows from
The abyss of black matter bio-mechanical illogical lethargy
An hemorrhagic particle falls
From the nanotechnology

Astronomic desire
Drained from the unseen
The hybrid exoplanets
Coexist in the same reality
The panorama of the distorted
Strings sounding backwards

Manipulating the toxic unreality for the sake of the ebb and flow the visceral Engineering
Is a never ending cycle
An expanding variation falls
From the cosmic premature

An ectoplasmic fluid
Hovers around all elements
The micro reality swallows
All the forms of creation
The magnetic retrospective
Runs into space anomalies

The gravitational attenuation collides with the human kind
A chronological disease bleeding
From erroneous thoughts
I am before the alpha,
After the omega

I am

Composição: Evandro Braito / Felipe Leão / Johnny / Junior Carlos / Marcelo NespoliColaboração e revisão: Izaque Sousa

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