Into The Ocean

Eleven Strings

A voice from the ocean is calling my name
I see the reflections showing my emotions
Into the ocean
The beauty of the silence is touching my pain
I may never find all the answers again
And I will still try

A song from the water is washing my veins
A distant horizon, the cry from the ocean
burning emotion
The greatest desire is breaking my chains
A destroyed empire, a painful devotion
Will embrace me tight

I'm not afraid
Cause I'm still with you
No more sorrow
In the ocean of my soul

At this point of the path I've been walking through
I found many things but couldn't find the truth
I just watched the war been released
I've been over decades of disease
The pollution of oceans could end the life
And the beings intoxicated still can survive
The last hope still live on your essence
So you still feel the breeze on this dance

I'm not afraid
Cause I'm still with you
No more sorrow
In the ocean of my soul

Feel the rain
On your veins
Breaking chains
The rise of the ocean soul
Spirits flow
You have grow
Now that I'm here
From the inside
All becomes clear
I've opened my mind to...

At this point of the path we now walk as one
End this evil and then make it come undone
So we still feel the breeze of this land
Over and over we rise till the end

Composição: Evandro Braito / Felipe Leão / Johnny / Junior Carlos / Marcelo NespoliColaboração e revisão: Izaque Sousa

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