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Yeah, I got it fam, yeah, young Gerald All the way from the Bay Area to London Overseas, across the pond Yeah, let’s go, yeah Hair slick backwards, I’m dapper Your bitch is cool, mine is badder You haters gossip and chatter All my team we're eating as if we hunt and we gather Your girl tweeted that I was her favorite rapper, I’m flattered Yeah, some are still on the fence like: Come convince me I was with your girl last night, she gave Lewinsky It’s me against the world right now, don’t go against me Cause every single thing that I do, I do intensely I’m a safe bet while these others are sort of risky When you think of G you think of the girls and all the whisky Looking from a distance you think that I came up quickly Yeah, if I ever kiss the game goodbye I’ll leave a hickey Yeah, just tryna say I’ll leave my mark on it
Biggest journey starts right now, so I’ll embark on it Man I hop on a track and I shart on it Yeah, I eat beats I’m a shark on it Paid dues and I kept my receipt Hella hours in the studio, rehearse and repeat So it’ll be a hundred years before I’m reaching a peak I’m from the Bay bruh I grew up on 40 and Keak Yeah, yeah and this shit was so unexpected Son my flows unprecedented, they know I’m up next to get it Your shit I’ve been unimpressed with No I’m not the one to mess with Move aside and make some room I come through, make you wanna exit Yeah, cause I’m arriving right on time Wear a dozen socks to fit my shoes if you tried on mine And I, have been killing shit lately Everything is good, I’m never tripping off what they say I’m with Westwood, overseas Back from Amsterdam, we was blowing trees It’s still the same team, yeah, I roll with G’s I’m just tryna seize all these opportunities Had your girl over tip-toeing in her socks (Hahaha, yeah, ay, ay) And I feel like we picked the locks I’m not invincible but you can’t put me in a box Yeah, it’s like I walk through walls Man these hoes keep calling, I just dropped two calls Ay, and I ain’t got two flaws, I got my word and I got two balls Eazy International These Things Happen available now Out in the UK July 21st Yeah, yee, Yeah This beat is just so fucking perfect man Like, like thank you Drizzy for contributing this to the world And just giving us all this
Composição: Aleksi Asiala / Ant Clemons / Bobby Caldwell / Bruce Malament / Common / Danny Seth Bell / Destiny Rogers / Drew Love / Ed Thomas / Eric McCaine / Foreign Teck / G-Eazy / Gerald Gillum / Gwitira / Hernandez / James Yancey / Jeremy Reeves / Johnny Yukon / Jonathan Yip / Keith Sweat / Louis Collard-Watson / Micah Powell / Miguel / Nik Dean / Norman Harris / Ray Charles McCullough II / Ray Romulus / Sam Lewis / Santeri Kauppinen / Tabitha Duncan / The Game / UgochiColaboração e revisão:

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