Because I could not express to you my heart for you,
My heart always stayed only inside of me.
I won't make you sad any more now.
I love you. Till the end of the world.

A while back I visited somewhere - my mother.
I was utterly worned out by my tears, sorrow filled up to my head.
[Her] Laughter emitted always unchangeably still.

But before I can even see her, I was unwelcomed from the door.
Too sad, want to cry, want to die.
I can't stand it like this any more, can't overcome it.
You who have gone far from me.

I made too much trouble. I only thought of myself.
This is not it, I felt and realized now only after you were gone,
Too foolish I am.

repeat (*)

You had nights when you cried endlessly, didn't you.
And in the dark, a very dark corner of a room, you stroked my head
And told me you loved me, you were sorry.

After that after that night, that dark night, you aparted far from me.
I was too lonely and forlorn. I missed you too much.

Love you sitting by the window all day
thinking of you watching the days go by, I started to cry
so I tried to stop my tears for years but it never goes away
I miss you mother

repeat (*)

At first, I didn't know where you've gone.
By father's oversight, left all alone in the dark night.
Just thinking about that pain, my heart bleeds in me.
Your pain, I will now soothe all.

Now I know a little, your love for me. (Your love)
I probably look young still,
But now I will abide by you.

repeat (*)

(No way No way) Within your love
(No way No way) I'll abide by you always
(No way No way) Your love
(No way No way) I'll abide by you always

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Fernando Nogueira

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