Take it Easy


I was trapped in a place which is ruled by the traffic
I was trapped in a place where you would believe in it
I was trapped in a place which is filled with the traffic
Don't know how, but I was always going to escape.

I am going to go to where the roads have no pavements
I am travelling back and forth on the breast of the world
I am arriving to the heritage within which I was reared
Don't know how, but for sure, I'll get there
So good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, I'll see you soon.

I am liberating the wings which are idle in my mind
I am looking for the sight which carries the light
I am looking for rest & peace for my head and heart
It matters not how but that I get there

So take it easy
Steady on there now, take it easy, don't fight yourself
Take it easy, steady on there now, take it easy, dig deep within
Take it easy, let the light into your life, it'll come when it comes
I am looking for a place where the sea meets the sky
I am looking for the well of fire from which our lives are lit
I want to nurture growth of expansion in this life and
Encourage reasons for celebration around me.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Lilyan Siqueira

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