The road I've walked for my whole life
Has brought me to this crossroads
And I'm standing here beside you
I know you've never been someone
To take things on a leap of faith
Please trust me once and never cry again
Hold my had
We can take this slowly
And see where it might lead
Going Into Going Into You
And everything seemed to make sense
The first time that things seemed to fall in place
Just for a little while
And now my hopes and dreams are burning down
Claw out my eyes
I'd rather be blind
Than to see you turn around
And walk away from me
Tear off my ears
I'd rather be deaf
Than hear you
Saying goodbye
Lucky ones will never
Share what we've shared
For I'm damned to know
Exactly just what might have been
Can't somebody stop this?
I feel like I'm drowning
And everywhere I turn the water's deeper
It would tear out my heart
To be nothing more to you
Than a smile that occasionally
Crosses your face
Twenty five years from now
What will we have?
A pile of ash called
What could have been?
Treasures can slip through your fingertips
And sapphires melt in your hands
As I gaze in your jaded eyes
I pray that this road isn't ending
Walking down this road
I thought I felt you hold my hand
But looking I can see my palm is empty
How can you turn from me?
All that I wanted
Was to catch the stars and lay them at your feet
It would tear out my heart
To be nothing more to you
Than a smile that occasionally
Crosses your face
Treasures can slip through your fingertips
And sapphires melt in your hands
You turn to me with your jaded eyes
And I'm scared that I know how this ends
And everything fell into place
But now it is falling apart
I'm trying to hold on
But I can see you fading
Be quick-Or you've missed it
Sometimes when our backs are turned the choice is made
Once-In a lifetime
If you didn't see it coming then you're much too late
This self constructed prison
Is comfortable and warm
But I can't escape the feeling
That-there must be something more
Everyting we've been through
That's made us who we are
Has broughtus here and now the choice is ours to make
I'm begging you
I'm pleading on my knees
I can't believe that this was just a big mistake
From Jeweled Gemstone Memories
To Jaded Guarded Energies
To Just Gentle Victory
I know we could last
Tell me what I've got to do,
Tell me what I've got to do,
To Get Inside Get Inside your heart
Where did we go
When there are no more conspiracies?
When there's only you and only me
Seeing each other for the first time?
I pledge myself
If you stumble I will carry you
And wipe away the tears if you will mine
And I'm holding out for a miracle
But I'm scared to let go of the bird in my hand
And afraid taht I've run out of time for a second chance
I want to drown myself in your eyes
I want to believe but I'm scared that you're lying
Tell me there's hope for the ghost of a second chance
Chances are meant
Meant to be taken
But life's so fragile
And it's breaking into pieces
Somebody help me
I feel like I'm dying
And I'm reaching for your hand
But it's not there
And I pray we won't know
What we're missing
And we'll never imagine
What might have been
But twenty five years from now
I'll still hold on
To a fading dream
Of me and you
Treasures have slipped through my fingertips
And the sapphire vanished from my hand
I'll never forget the look in your eyes
When you lied and said this wasn't ending
Treasures have slipped through my fingrtips a
And the sapphire vanished from my hand
I say goodbye to your jaded eyes
As we reach our unnatural end

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Tulio Ribeiro

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