Only you could make me quiver
But you couldn't watch me weep
Crashing into oblivion and dying in my sleep
Only you can bring me sunshine
Only you can bring me gold
And leave me here in this wasteland
Shivering in the cold

Another time another season we could have worked it out
Pushing it to the line of treason but caring without a doubt
But you've got me dangling by a thread
And I'm so tired of livin' on the edge of oblivion
I'm so tired of livin' on the edge with you

All I ever wanted
Was forever in your arms
And with a burning desire like liquid fire
How could anything come to harm
Believing in the plight of angels
Forgetting all deceit and lies
And blinded by the ray of hope
I saw reflected in your eyes


Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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