Always Better if You Wait for the Sunrise

The Gift

Turn the TV on and things there are so fine
Summer's here and the weather is alright
I feel so light

A cup of coffee and I count the days go by
Had a listen to your voice again last night
Just seemed right

And I travelled from so far to see these sights
Left my life behind
I´m dancing with the stars
They seem so bright

Don't talk

Breathe the gas again and thought I heard you laugh
Ran to nowhere for another thousand miles
Just take me home

Watched the window and I saw myself outside
Watched the screen to see what hides deep down inside
There'll still be me

Want to bring you here but space now is too tight
There's no room in here for two of the same kind
There'll still be me, still be me

I can't decide if things should go away
I can't decide now when, the sunrise

Want to tell you once again
Perhaps the stars are not so bright
I want to take you back in time
Want to hold you once again
I want to show you there´s no lies
I want to have you by my side

Would you mind if I lay you down at night?
Would you cry if I hold you one more time?
I want to go but I know there's something wrong

To die is something I cannot disclaim
Something I cannot explain
Stay with me

Going on the same old song again
Stay with me
You're going on, the same old song again
Stay with me tonight
Stay with me tonight, until the sunrise

Don't talk

Composição: Nuno Gonçalves / Sonia TavaresColaboração e revisão: Pedrolucas canuto

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