Available / Responsible

The Track Record

I took a day to chill and reflect upon the things we share
Put myself in her position
Maybe grasp her thinking
Yeah we just lie here
She listens up
I make her laugh
She's available for this
I'm responsible for that

Gotta let me know that this is important
I could be doing this for nothing
Everything we do it could mean…
Gotta let me know exactly what you want
And yeah you don't have to settle
You won't have to settle

My speech pushes inaudible
She kisses infinitely softer
I found out soon enough
She sweats ambition much
Could I interest her in another session?
If only to encourage self expression

Please don't go
This is my favorite job

I need to be involved
She craves a challenge
I say nothing at all
She's hardly touched that salad
Now, I know there's something wrong
I can see it in the lines on her back
We make plans for the future
Still we live in the past

Still we live in the past

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Michel Muxfeldt

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