Take Advantage

The Track Record

You used to be one half asleep and smiling, warm welcoming me into
Now it's just "Rob, you don't belong in my room"
We don't do this anymore

I'll be on my way home
This side of the music is killing me faster
I'll likely end up at your door
Wishing I could still race up the stairs into your bed on a Sunday morning

Take the time to make impressions
Story trade and brag to girlfriends
We were not to take for granted
Just given advantage
This car made me
You're only honest when you're naked
Truth is, I'm too cool for this
And that's exactly what's turning you on

Missing my fake friends
I want to need to make the scene
My stomach turns
She's late to bleed
Where'd you go old school good girl?
You've been seeking someone to use on a Sunday morning
Exactly what's turning you on?

After with you is so better than during
My heart can't explode
How else would you know me?
I don't want any more drugs
I just want to play music
See what you've done

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Michel Muxfeldt

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