All Dressed Up

Thrush Hermit

I haven't heard from you lately
I don't take it lightly
Please try to keep in touch
I know that you're really busy
You're really just slightly too late
And it may be too much to ask

I'll ask you politely
I want a letter or a love song
You think it's fair to cut me off rightly so
And you're right, but you're wrong

We're all dressed up in suits and ties
I look so good and darling you look so nice
I know that you will be miles away
And all our love just gets blown away

Can you hear me ringing the doorbell
I just want to wish you well
Tell you that I'm disappearing for awhile
Tell you that I am lonely
You are the only one
Who can make me smile again

I only needed some credit
Never thought that I'd get it
Still, it's taken me this long
If you're free, poker face
You said, “use your eye.”
Did she want to make a bet?
Well you're on

We're all dressed up in finish school
You look so nice and darling you act so cool
I know that you will soon be gone
Our love will die because we're not that strong

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: brendo conc

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