We’ve always been kept in the dark
A vision of our sanctuary
Overshadowed by deceit from the start

The lie within belief
All our thoughts and uncertainties
Are mirrored by our grieving plea
The breathless wind
The verse of debauchery
Scorched by the tyrants of industry
She cries ‘what is it you want from me’?

So I will beg the feeble question
Our divided species asks
If we’re gunning for this
But we know that it’s diminishing fast
Can we at least enjoy it while it lasts?
The tidal waves of fear are bearing down on me
Our confusion connects us, our deception unites us
Said the nomad to the sea; what is home without these streets I know?
Our destiny is at our feet; we can march without this beat I know
Never say, nihlist of modern day
Let’s feel
Let’s feel this together
We are a species of corse we fight
Fighting started life
Its time rectify
Stop living in your fantasy lives
Don’t let your body be a graveyard for your mind

Turn it up, turn it up
This is a broadcast brought to you by the rank and file
Not the back of the room
Exploit our minds and keep us idolising ignorence
There’s a spark in the fuse
There’s a fire inside that’ll guide us through
The remains of a nation divided
Said the nomad to the sea
What is home without these streets I know?
Our destiny is at our feet
We can march without this beat I know
Never safe, never safe
In black market democracy
Never safe, to no avail we turn the other way

Let’s feel, let’s feel this together
All of my struggles
Like steel trying to become wood
But seeing it in others is a forest fire
All of my struggles
We’re still trying to become one
When will we learn that all we have is enough?

Composição: While She SleepsColaboração e revisão: Amanda SilvaClael Vítor

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