Watermelon Bubblegum

Yvie Oddly

These bitches can't keep up,
Spill the tea cup on em when they beefed up
You a cheap side dish and Imma deluxe
Delicatessen I'm dressing like I'm Caesar, Spit acid reflux.
Rebuff, I don't shuffle.
Chillin wit a bad bitch and her bag be like a duffel
Stuff it full of honey and I told that hoe to hustle, feathers ruffled.
Stay pressed like a waffle I'm in Brussels
Sprouting new growth so my roots show
I ain't tryna be a hero I want euros.
Gimme dinero o perra kiss my culo
Tell em cállate, we cool though, call me mami chulo.
Everything I want I got like Ariana Grande
I be breaking hearts you better listen what your mom say
They all call me wifey but I can't be no fiancée
Fucked your bae once and now he call me Beyoncé

Bitches wanna spit but they ain't got bars
I'm stiff competition cuz I'm rock hard
Gettin lit in my kitchen like a rock star
Put my key in your ignition like a hot car
Heating up I'm speeding up I'm driving till he dumb
He won't lemme slow down cuz I'm finna make him cum
He be moaning gibberish, and speaking in
them tongues, saying
Slurp it like a melon, pop it like it's bubble gum.

Water melon bubble gum
Water melon bubble gum
I get twisty with my tongue
We could do it just for fun

Bubblegum bubblegum chew it up quick
Bubblegum bubblegum see how it stick
Bubblegum body all juicy and thick
I'm the hot pepper peter piper picked, cuz I'm
Picante, Pick apart any plan, pick a hand, either

Composição: Yvie OddlyColaboração e revisão: Lucas Acobo

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