Jasey Rae

All Time Low

Tom: G
I tried the other tab and it didnt sound right at all, maybe its a different version or but here's what i could get for the one off of Punk Goes Acoustic 2, if you find just fix them. I may be crazy but i think i hear a high d ringing out in most of the so double drop D's an option, just drop the high e and let it ring in all the chords. Tuning's Drop D Figure out the strumming, chord progressions are slow Intro e|-------------------------------- B|--3----------------------------- G|--2----------------------------- D|--0-----5-----9--7--5----------- A|--0-----5-----9--7--5----------- D|--0-----5-----9--7--5-----------
Verse e|-------------------------------- B|--3--3-------------------------- G|--2--2-------------------------- D|--0--0--9--7--5--7--9--7--5--7-- A|--0--0--9--7--5--7--9--7--5--7-- D|--0--0--9--7--5--7--9--7--5--7-- pm-| Chorus X2 e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|--0----7----5---| A|--0----7----5---| D|--0----7----5---| After the Chorus e|-------------------------------- B|--3-----------3----------------- G|--2-----------2----------------- D|--0-----------0----------------- A|--0-----------0----------------- D|--0-----------0----------------- 2nd Verse e|-------------------------------- B|--3----------------------------- G|--2----------------------------- D|--0-----------9---7---5---7---9- A|--0-----------9---7---5---7---9- D|--0-----------9---7---5---7---9- e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|--7---5---7----------------------- A|--7---5---7----------------------- D|--7---5---7----------------------- Play Chorus Bridge X Alot e|--------------| B|--------------| G|--------------| D|--9--7--0--5--| A|--9--7--0--5--| D|--9--7--0--5--| Transition ("Wait outside I") e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|--9------7------| A|--9------7------| D|--9------7------| Outro e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|--0------5------9------7----| A|--0------5------9------7----| D|--0------5------9------7----| End on a full D Chord
Composição: Alexander Gaskarth / Jack Barakat / Rian Dawson / Zack MerrickColaboração e revisão:

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