A Restless Wind

Billy Joe Shaver

Tom: A
Verse 1: D A stone thrown from Bm Heaven,skippin' 'cross the water E Would disappear in ripples A left behind D Bm A book with no cover,a rhyme with no reason E Guess i'll always be one of A the rovin' kind Verse 2: D 'Cause movin's in my soul,i Bm guess a gypsy boy got a hold E Of somebody in my family A long ago D If some night while half Bm asleep you hear the back door softly squeak E You'll touch my empty A pillow,then you'll know
Chorus: Bm That restless wind,is F#m calling me again E Her warmin' hand is tuggin' A at my soul Bm F#m Summer's gone,and winter's comin' on E And i can't let it catch me A standin' in the cold Verse 3: D Life made dice out of my Bm bones and it won't leave me alone E 'Till it warms me up and A takes another roll D You can't grow sullen every Bm time,so there ain't no use in cryin' E It don't take an educated A head to know Verse 4: D When i'm movin' down the Bm road i won't need no overload E Nor memories of you to A weigh my mind D And every step i wade will Bm be one more i could take E That put those memories A further down the line Chorus.
Composição: Billy Joe ShaverColaboração e revisão:

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