Good Love


No matter where you go, no matter what you do
Your spirit stays with me and my soul stays with you
I remember the time that your mind couldn't change
You wanted some other, thought our lives
Wouldn't stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
But with my own two hands
I'm standing here beggin' for you

Just to say that your
Good love stays
Your good love stays
Your good love stays with me

And as the night comes again and the curtains are drawn
Your mind begins to wander and my heart begins to fall
I lay down and I pray that this torment it will end
Our lives are all upside down
But my sweet dedication will stay with you
Darling, forever, I love you, I do
And I'm beggin' you please to come home
Where your

Good love stays
Your good love stays
Your good love stays with me, just say it
Your good love stays... with me

I've never been so weak but I've never been so strong
I'm gonna make you happy 'cause it's here
With me you belong
I know there's been some bad times
I know you've been confused
But together we're unbeatable
Together we can't lose, no
Just say that your...

Good love stays...

Composição: Morrison / RalphesColaboração e revisão: Cammykaze

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