Once Upon Your Dead Body

Coheed And Cambria

Tom: D
Album: Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness Verion 1.0 - 09/04/2005 - Original Tab Tabbed by: Chris Frazier (*) This track reminds me a lot of 80's new wave, which is some bold easy song for the most part. The only part I'm unsure about is Phase III (Guitar II). It's very hard to make out what's going on here because the guitars aren't panned hard to the right or left but kept at a very close to mono mix, which makes it hard to pick out one guitar from the other. If anyone has some better ideas for it, my e-mail is below, please send them to me and you'll be sure to get credit. If anybody has any question, comments, or corrections PLEASE send them to me at * and you'll be sure to get FULL CREDIT for anything you submit to me. This tab is reserved for the following sites, they will be the only ones to recieve updated version(s) as they become available. If you
retrieved this tab from another website, please visit one of the websites below to be sure you have the most accurate version: http://* http://* http://* . - palm mute / - slide up and down to () - Natural harmonics * - Pinch harmonics h - Hammer p - Pull off \" - Tremolo Picking ... - keep playing last chord at steady pace Guitar I; Electric, Rhythm (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) Guitar II; Electric, Lead (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) Phase I (Guitar II) E|--------------------------|| B|--------------------------|| G|--------------------------|| D|--------------------------|| A|-3-3--3--3-3--7-7--7--7-7-|| E|-1-1--1--1-1--5-5--5--5-5-|| . . . . . . . . . . E| B| G|Occasionally slide towards D|1st fret on last chord A| E| Phase I (Guitar II) E|------12--10------------------- B|---13--------13-12-10---------- G|-9---------------------12-10--- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|-------------------------||-----------------7--------|| B|-------------------------||------8--------------10---|| G|----9-12--10-9-----------||----9----10-9-7-----------|| D|10--------------12-10----||-7------------------------|| A|----------------------12-||--------------------------|| E|-------------------------||--------------------------|| Phase II (Guitar I) E|---||-------------|| B|---||-------------|| G|---||-------------|| D|---||-------------|| A|-5-||-3-...-5-...-|| E|-3-||-1-...-3-...-|| Phase II (Guitar II) E|------------------------------- B|-/8---6--5-------------/8---6-- G|------------5-----/9----------- D|---------------7--------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|--------------|| B|5-------------|| G|---5--4--5----|| D|------------5-|| A|--------------|| E|--------------|| Phase III (Guitar I) E|-----------------------------|| B|-10-10----7-7----------------|| G|-10-10----7-7-----6-6----4-4-|| D|-10-10----7-7-----7-7----5-5-|| A|-8--8-----5-5-----7-7----5-5-|| E|------------------5-5----3-3-|| . . . . . . . . Phase III (Guitar II) E|------------------------------- B|-10-10-10---7-7---------------- G|-10-10-10---7-7-----------6-6-- D|-10-10-10---7-7-----------7-7-- A|-8--8--8----5-5-5h7p5-----7-7-- E|----------------------8---5-5-- . . . . . . E|----------------------------------|| B|5-5--8-8----------5p3h5p3h5p3h5p3-|| G|x-x--x-x--------------------------|| D|2-2--5-5-h5p0h2p0-----------------|| A|----------------------------------|| E|----------------------------------|| . . . . Phase IV (Guitar I) E|--------------------------|| B|--------------------------|| G|--------------------------|| D|-10-...-7-...-------------|| A|-8--...-5-...-7-...-5-...-|| E|--------------5-...-3-...-|| Phase IV (Guitar II) E|------------------------------- B|-8--8--8----5-5-5--10-10-10-10- G|-10-10-10---7-7-7--x--x--x--x-- D|-10-10-10---7-7-7--7--7--7--7-- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|--------|| B|8-8-8-8-|| G|x-x-x-x-|| D|5-5-5-5-|| A|--------|| E|--------|| Phase V (Guitar I and II) E|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|------------------------------- D|-10-10-10-10-7-7--------------- A|-8--8--8--8--5-5-5-7-5---7-7-7- E|-----------------------8-5-5-5- E|------------------|| B|------------------|| G|------------------|| D|------------------|| A|7---5-5-----------|| E|5-0-3-3-0-3-5-3-0-|| Phase VI (Guitar II) E|-------------------------|| B|-------------------------|| G|-------------------------|| D|-7--7-5-7-9-7-5----------|| A|----------------7--5-----|| E|----------------------8--|| E| B|While Guitar I plays G|Phase IV. D| A| E| Phase VII (Guitar I) E|-------|| B|-------|| G|-------|| D|-10-10-|| A|-8--8--|| E|-------|| . Phase VII (Guitar II) E|-------|| B|-------|| G|-------|| D|-7--7--|| A|-------|| E|-------|| .
Composição: Claudio Sanchez / Coheed and CambriaColaboração e revisão:

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