Harper Valley P.T.A.

Dolly Parton

Tom: C
C I want to tell you all the story `bout a Harper Valley widowed C7 wife, F who had a teenage daughter, who attended Harper Valley Junior High. C Well, her daughter came home one afternoon and didn`t even stop to play, F and she said, “Mom I, got a G note here from the Harper Valley C P.T.A. C Well, the note says, “Mrs. Johnson, you`re wearing your dresses way C7 too high. F It`s been reported you`ve been drinking and a-running round with men and going wild. C Now, we don`t believe you ought to be a-bringin` up your little |girl this way.“ F And it was signed by the G C “Secretary, Harper Valley P.T.A.“ C Well, it happened that the P.T.A. was gonna meet that very C7 afternoon,
F and, boy, were they surprised when Mrs Johnson wore her mini-skirt into the room. C And as she walked up to the blackboard, I can still recall the words she had to say. F She said, “I`d like to address G this meetin` of the Harper Valley C P.T.A." C “Now there`s Bobby Taylor sittin` there, and seven times he`s asked me C7 for a date, F and Mrs Taylor she seems to use a lot of ice whenever he`s away. C And Mr. Baker, can you tell us, why your secretary had to leave this town? F And shouldn`t widow Jones be told G to keep her window shades all C pulled completey down." C “Now Mr. Harper couldn`t be here, cause he stayed too long at C7 Kelly`s Bar again, F and if you smell Shirley Thompson`s breath you`ll find, she`s had a little nip of gin. C And then you have the nerve to tell me,as a mother,you think that I'm not fit. F Well, this is just a little Peyton Place, G and you`re all Harper Valley C hypocrites." C Now I wouldn`t put you on, because it really did, it C7 thappened just this way, F that day my momma socked it to G C the Harper Valley P.T.A., F that day my momma socked it to G C the Harper Valley P.T.A.
Composição: Tom T. HallColaboração e revisão: Laertes Jocoski

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