Doyle Bramhall

Tom: D
Author: Mike Kruft Album: Welcome feel free to email me at * If you're looking at this then bless you for liking good rock and roll. (due to requests I'm adding more doyle tabs!) ^ - slight bend * - major bend p - pull off h - hammer on / - slide up ~ - vibrato Intro: e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G---2^-0h1------------------------ D----------2----0-----2----------- A-------------2----2-------------- E------------------------0-------- (play 4 times) fill: e-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G----0--0--2--4--2--------------- D-------------------2~-------0--- A-------------------------2------ E-------------------------------- e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|---2-------------| A|2----------------| E|------0----------| e-------------------3^------------ B-------------------3^------------ G--2--2--2--2h4p2--------4--2--0-- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|2--4--2--------------------------| D|---------2~----0h2p0--------0--2-| A|----------------------2----------| E|-------------------------0-------| Verse: I was born... e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G---4---2---0--------------------- D---------------0---2----------0-- A--------------------------2------ E--------------------------------- e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|-----2----------| A|-2--------------| E|---------0------| way down south... e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G---4-------2--------------------- D-------------------2----------0-- A--------------------------2------ E--------------------------------- e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|-----2----------| A|-2--------------| E|---------0------| I left home... e--------------------------------- B---0-------2-------5------------- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------------- A----------------------------2---- E--------------------------------- e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|0-------2-------| A|----2-----------| E|------------0---| ear - ly on... e-------------------------------- B---5------2--------------------- G----------------2----0---------- D--------------------------2----- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|----0------2-----| A|2-------2--------| E|--------------0--|
(from here you should be able to ad in your own notes to doyle's words) All I had.. To show me the way.. Was the sound of music.. From the street every day.. Chorus: C# B B A Too many people.. C# B B A Not enough shelter.. C# B B A The poor getting weaker.. C# B B A The rich getting stronger.. C# B B A I've seen everything.. C# B B A I needed to see... C# B B A I got my mind made up.. C# B B A To give it all away.. Verse: Workin' man.. Way down south.. Bet any moment back at the house.. All that love.. Couldn't hold back.. Cause bells were ringing.. The sky turned black.. Solo: the prelude is a bunch of licks that are just varied versions of the intro riff. then play the hell out of these no e--------- -------- -------- - B--------- -------- -------- - G-----9--- ---12--- ---16--- - D--------- -------- -------- - A--------- -------- -------- - E--------- -------- -------- - tes. e|-------| B|-------| G|--14---| D|-------| A|-------| E|-------| another snippet e------------------------| B------------------------| G------12h14-------12h14-| D--14----------14--------| A------------------------| E------------------------| e| B| G|(repeated fast) D| A| E| Lead in to big solo: e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G-----------------------12^------- D-----------------12-------------- A-----------/14------------------- E--------------------------------- (repeat 8 times, getting softer each time) if anyone can figure out the rest of this, I'd be not only grateful, but amazed.
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