Secret Heart


D#m com forma de Am
F# com forma de C
B com forma de F
C# com forma de G
Tom: F#(forma do acorde no tom de C)Capotraste na 6ª casa
Tabbed by: JK CAPO on 6th Fret. everything is in relation to the capo. ie. a 1 is really a 7. but its as a 1 since the capo on 6 becomes 0. C Fill # 1 C Fill # 2 C Am --0----0----0----- -0---3--- --1----1----1----- -1------- --0----0----2----- -0------- --2----0----2----- -2------- --3----2----0----- -3------- -------------------- --------- C -|-1---0---| ---0----| -|------1--| ---1----| -|------0--| ---3----| -|------2--| ---2----| -|------3--| ---3----| -|---------| ---------| Intro: C ---------------------------------- ---1----------------1p0----------- -----0--------------------2--0---- -------2-------------------------- -3-------------------------------- ------------0--1------------------ F -|---------------1---3---------| -|------1-------1---3----------| -|-------2-------2---0---------| -|2-------2-------3---0--------| -|--------0--------3---2-------| -|-----------------1---3-------| C Fill # 1 C Fill # 2 C Am --0----0----0-----------1-----3--- --1----1----1-----------1-----3--- --0----0----2-----------2-----0--- --2----0----2-----------3-----0--- --3----2----0-----------3-----2--- ------------------------1-----3--- F G -|-------0---3----1---0------| -|-------1-------------1-----| -|-------0-------------0-----| -|-------2-------------2-----| -|-------3-------------3-----| -|---------------------------| Verse one: (can be played like intro) C F G Secret heart, what are you made Am F G of? What are you so afraid of?
C F G Could it be three simple words? Am F G Or the fear of being overheard? C fill #1 F G C fill #2 What's wrong? Let her in on your secret heart Verse two C F G Secret heart why so mysterious? Am F G Why so sacred why so serious C F G Maybe you're just acting tough. Am F G maybe you're just not man enough C fill #1 F G C fill #2 What's wrong? Let her in on your secret heart Bridge F G This very secret you're trying to C C? conceal F G Is the very same one you're dying C to reveal C fill #2 G Go tell her how you feel ---SOLO---- (is just plucking a -|melody over the verse chords.) Verse three C F G Secret heart, come out and share it, Am F G This loneliness, few can bear it, C F G May Please God, something to do with, Am F G C fill #1 Admitting that you just can't go through it alone, F G C fill #2 Let her in on your secret ---Bridge--- C fill #1 F G C fill #1 F G Let her in on Your secret heart ---Repeat--X2--- end on C fill #2.
Composição: Ron SexsmithColaboração e revisão:

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