Walking Blues

Robert Johnson

B com forma de A
B/G com forma de A/F
B/G# com forma de A/F#
B/A com forma de A/G
Tom: A(forma do acorde no tom de G)Capotraste na 2ª casa
From: * (Stuart Christopherson) ------------------ up to A-tuning (E-A-E-A-C#-E) and a capo on the second fret. This transcription is in the key of A. This song apparently has its roots in the rhythyms of work songs that were used continuously from slave times up through Reconstruction and 'axe song'. / = slide Introduction A A/G A/F# A/F E--/12-12-12-/12-12-12-/12-12-12- C#-/12-12-12-/12-12-12-/12-12-12- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- E|/12-------|--------------------| C|/12-------|----0---------------| A|----11-12-|-12---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-| E|----------|-12---3-3-2-2-1-1-1-| A|----------|----0---------------| E|----------|------3---2---1-----| A I woke up this morning, feel round for my shoes
E----------------0-----|---------- C#---------------0-----|---------- A--0-------------------|--0-----0- E--0-----0---0---------|--0-0-0-0- A----2/4---6/7-----2/4-|----0-0-0- E--0-----------0-------|---------- E|-----|---------------| C|-----|---------------| A|-----|--0------------| E|-----|--0-0-0-0------| A|2/4--|--0-0-0-0-2/4--| E|-----|---------------| N.C. Know bout got these, old walkin blues. Woke up this mornin E-----------------------|-----5-- C#---------0------------|--0----- A-----------------------|--0----- E--0---0---0---0--------|-------- A--0---0---0---0---2/4--|-------- E-----------------------|-------- E|5--5-5----------|-----------------| C|----------------|-----------------| A|----------------|-----------------| E|-----0--0-------|-----------------| A|0----0--0--3/5--|-3/5-3/5-3/5-3/5-| E|----------------|-----------------| feelin round for my shoes E------------------------| C#-----------------------| A------------------------| E------------------------| A--3/5----3/5----5----0--| E------------------------| A But you know bout at I E----------5---5-------|---------- C#---------------------|---------- A------------0-------0-|---------- E--0-----0---0---0---0-|--0-----0- A--0-2/4-----0---0-----|--0-2/4--- E--0---------------2---|-0-------- E|5---5-------|--------------------- C|------------|--------------------- A|------------|-----0---------0----- E|--0---0-----|-3/5-0-3/5-3/5-0-5/7- A|--0---0-3/5-|--------------------- E|------------|--------------------- E----------------|---------5---5- C#---------------|--------------- A------0---------|-----------0--- E------0-------0-|-0-----0---0--- A--5/7-0-3/5-5-0-|-0-2/4-----0--- E--------------2-|-0------------- E|------|---------5---------| C|------|-------------------| A|----0-|-------------------| E|0---0-|-0-----0---0-0-----| A|0-----|-0-2/4-----0-0-2/4-| E|--2---|-------------------| Ending E---/12-12-12-/12-/12------------- C#--/12-12-12-/12-/12------------- A---------------------12--12\-3/4- E--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- E||--------5-5-| C||----3-3-----| A||-/4---------| E||----------0-| A||------------| E||------------| I woke up this mornin - feelin round for my shoes. Up this mornin - feelin round all for my shoes. But you know bout at I - got these old walkin blues. Lord, I - feel like blowin my - woh-old lonesome home. Got up this mornin, my little Bernice was gone, Lord. I feel like - blow-oowin my lonesome home. Well, I got up this mornin - woh-all I had was gone. Well-ah - leave this mornin if I have to - woh, ride the blind-ah. I feel mistreated and I - don't mind dyin - Leavin this mornin-ah - if I have to ride a blind. Babe, I been mistreated - baby, and I don't mind dyin. Well, some people tell me that the worried - blues aint bad. Worst old feelin I most - ever had - Its the worst old feelin I most - ever had. Break in on a dollar most any - where she goes, Ooooo-ooo - From her head down to her toes - Oh, honey - Lord, she break in on a dollar - most anywhere she goes.
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