Abbie Martin

Joshua James

Do you remember when time, wasn't an issue at all,
It was where you were going, how far you could walk

Do you remember?
Do you remember?

Do you remember the scent of the summer so sweet?
As the the stars would watch over our souls through the weeds.
And the hounds in their fences would bark at the breeze
While we d scream out confessions of love through the trees.

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Cuz I do.

It was the year 93 if my mind does recall.
Seems so long and so distant, not distant at all
I sang songs to you crying till something did change.
It was time, it pushed us older till we didn't even say hello..


It's been four long years since I've seen your face your voice
Will still resonate inside my bones
When the breeze runs by and whispers that old song, I do.

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?

I do.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: jennifer menezes

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