The Morning Breaks So Cold And Gray


The morning breaks so cold and gray
And I'm still here, alone
It's all the same, the years have passed
So slow and gray, with nothing
I can't believe that ten years have passed
And I'm still here, alone
I need to change, I need to move on
I'll whither here forever, forever
The time has come for me to leave
I must go, I must leave this all behind
I must leave, no need for second thoughts
I must go, the time is ripe I hear
And everybody waves goodbye
They hate me, they were never friends at all
They needed... For me to roll around
They wanted me to stay and never leave... Their misery
The clouds break, the sun beats through
I'm so alive, again
The cold and grey is so far behind
I'm so alive, I'm so... Alive
I'll never go back to that grey place again
I must stay here, I must, I must
I have found a place of happiness
The sun beats down on me for a while
Wave goodbye to the lonely days
Goodbye at last, goodbye
Just let me be alone and feel this place
And see this place, alone again, alone, again
Wave goodbye to the lonely days
Goodbye at last, but wait
Then the morning breaks so cold and grey
And I'm back here again, again, again, again
I knew I could never leave

Composição: Mike Van PortfleetColaboração e revisão: Naiara Ghandur

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