Time To Pretend


Tom: D
Riff 1 4x: E|---5---5---5---5---3---2---3--- B|-3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3- G|------------------------------- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|5---| B|--3-| G|----| D|----| A|----| E|----| (Após tocar 2 vezes o riff 1, entra o riff 2:) Riff 2 : (4x) E|-0---------2--2-| E|-0--------- B|---3-2-0--------| B|---3-2-0--- G|---------2------| G|---------2- D|----------------| D|----------- A|----------------| A|----------- E|----------------| E|----------- E|2----| B|-----| G|-----| D|-----| A|-----| E|-----| Verso 1: D G I'm Feelin rough I'm Feelin raw D Dsus2 D I'm in the prime of my life. D Let's make some music make some G D money find some models for wives. Dsus2 D D I'll move to Paris, shoot some G D heroin and fuck with the stars. Dsus2 D D G You man the island and the D Dsus2 D cocaine and the elegant cars. Pré-Refrão 1: G A This is our decision to live fast and die young. G A We've got the vision, now let's D Dsus2 D Dsus2 have some fun G A Yeah it's overwhelming, but what else can we do?
G A Get jobs in offices and wake up D Dsus2 D Dsus2 for the morning commute? Refrão 1: A G Forget about our mothers and our A friends. G D We were fated to pretend. G D to pretend. G D We were fated to pretend. G D to pretend. Verso 2: D I'll miss the playgrounds and the G D Dsus2 D animals and digging up worms. D G I'll miss the comfort of my D mother and the weight of the Dsus2 D world. D G I'll miss my sister, miss my D Dsus2 D father, miss my dog and my home. D Yeah I'll miss the boredom and the G D freedom and the time spent Dsus2 D alone. Pré-Refrão 2: G A But there is really nothing, nothing we can do. G A Love must be forgotten. Life can D Dsus2 D Dsus2 always start up anew. G A The models will have children, we'll get a divorce, G we'll find some more models, A D Everything must run its Dsus2 D Dsus2 course. Refrão 2: A G We'll choke on our vomit and that A will be the end. G D We were fated to pretend. G D to pretend. G D We were fated to pretend. G D to pretend.
Composição: Andrew VanWyngarden / Ben GoldwasserColaboração e revisão: AndersonJorge Umemaru

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