I Know The End

Phoebe Bridgers

A#m com forma de Am
C# com forma de C
D#m com forma de Dm
F# com forma de F
G# com forma de G
Tom: Db(forma do acorde no tom de C)Capotraste na 1ª casa
C Somewhere in Germany but I can't place it F Man, I hate this part of Texas C Close my eyes, fantasize F Three clicks and I'm home C When I get back I'll lay around F And I'll get up and lay back down C Romanticize the quiet life F F There's no place like my room Am But you had to go C F I know, I know, I know Am C Like a wave that crashed and F melted on the shore Am G Not even the burnouts are out here F anymore Dm And you had to go C F I know, I know, I know C Out in the park we watch the sunset F Talking on a rusty swing set C After a while you went quiet F And I got mean C Always pushing you away from me F But you come back with gravity
C And when I call you come home F A bird in your teeth Am So I gotta go C F I know, I know, I know Am C When the sirens sound you'll hide F under the floor Am But I'm not gonna go down with my C F hometown in a tornado Am I'm gonna chase it C F I know, I know, I know Am I gotta go now C F I know, I know, I know ( Dm F C G ) ( Dm F C G ) Dm F Driving out into the sun C G Let the ultraviolet cover me up Dm F Went looking for a creation C myth G Dm Ended up with a pair of cracked lips F Windows down, scream along C G To some America first rap Dm country song F C A slaughterhouse, an outlet mall G Dm Slot machines, fear of God F Windows down, heater on C G Dm Big bolts of lightning hanging low F C Over the coast, everyone's convinced G It's a government drone or alien Dm spaceship F C Either way, we're not alone G Dm I'll find a new place to be from F A haunted house with a picket C fence G Dm To float around and ghost my friends F C No, I'm not afraid to disappear G Dm The billboard said the end is near F I turned around, there was nothing C there G Dm F Yeah, I guess the end is here C G Dm F C G The end is here Dm F C G The end is here Dm F C G The end is here The end is [Final] Cm Ab F Cm Ab F Cm Ab F Cm Ab F Cm Ab F Cm Ab F
Composição: Phoebe BridgersColaboração e revisão: josefina

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