Rabbit In Your Headlights


Tom: C
Backing guitar part (enters with drums): By Nur Lan This is all my work. E---0-------0-----0-----0---0----- B-----3---3-----3-----3-------3--- G-------------2-----2-----0-----0- D--2----2------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- E|0-------0-----0-| B|--3---3-----3---| G|----2-----2-----| D|----------------| A|----------------| E|----------------|
This is quite tricky at first since the picking pattern varies but once you get it it's easy and fun. Unlike the chords other fellows submitted this tab is in the correct key so you can play with the song. album, this track being one of its best. Hope I helped, Nur Lan from Israel *
Composição: DJ Shadow / Thom YorkeColaboração e revisão: