I Am The City


Tom: D
INTRO: A  E/A  D/A  D/A   A   A 
       A                                     D
VERSE: Coming through a cloud you're looking at me from above 
And I'm a revelation spreading out before your eyes 
And you find me beautiful and irresistible 
A giant creature that forever seems to grow in size 
E                                      D
And you feel a strange attraction oohh oohh 
The air is vibrant and electrified 
E                                          A
 Welcome to me here I am, my arms are open wide 
VERSE: Somewhere in the middle of the neverending noise 

There is a constant steady rhythm of a heart that beats 

And a million voices blend into a single voice 

And you can hear it in the clamour of the crowded streets 

People come and take their chances 

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose a lot 

Come make your own contribution to this melting pot 
        A                       E/A
        I'm the street you walk  
The language you talk  

I am the city 
A           E/A           D/A
 skyline is is me and the energy 

I am the city 
A          A/G#                        G
The famous hotels and the cocktail bars 
And the funny smells   
                          A          D
And the turmoil, the cars the people  
    F#m E           C#m          D
The air that you're breathing is me 
                  Dm           A
Yes I am the city you let me be  
VERSE: People feed me with their lives I am a hungry soul 
And they all worship me and pay their homage day and night 
Every day I knew a lot of tired shopping feet 
But come the night they will be dancing in the neon light 
Dazzled by the crazy magic 
They're grabbing pieces of the fatted calf 
And in the wind if you listen hard you'll hear me laugh