Under Attack


Tom: E
Intro: E4/F# E4/A E4/B

E4                                             B7
Don't know how to take it, don't know where to go

E4                      B7
My resistance's running low

                  E                   A/E        B/E         E
And every day the hold is getting tighter and it troubles me so

(you know that I'm nobody's fool)

I'm nobody's fool and yet it's clear to me

I don't have a strategy

                      E              A/E      B/E
It's just like taking candy from a baby and I think I must be


E                 E4
Under attack, I'm being taken

E        G#7
About to crack, defences breaking

A                     E/G#
Won't somebody please have a heart

         A                        D         B
Come and rescue me now 'cause I'm falling apart

E                 E4
Under attack, I'm taking cover

E          G#7
He's on my track, my chasing lover

A                        E/G#
Thinking nothing's gonna stop him now

         A                       E
Should I want to, I'm not sure I know how

E4                                       B7
This is getting crazy, I should tell him so

E4                    B7
Really let my anger show

                      E                  A/E       B/E
'cause waiting at the answer to his questions is a definite "no!"

(I'm kinda flattered I suppose)

Guess I'm kind of flattered but I'm scared as hell

Staring down the deepest well
                 E                     A/E             B/E
I hardly dare to think of what could happen, where I'd be if I fell



Solo: G# A E/G# A E