Faith No More

Tom: C
From: * (Ian M Rae) ============================= (12) = Natural harmonic 12th fret PM = Palm muting \ = slide down / = Slide up (v) = vibrato (b) = bend E----------------|------------- B----------------|-------(5)--- G----------------|------------- D-4-------4------|---(5)-----(5 A-2-------0------|-(4)--------- E----------------|------------- E|---|----------------|----------------| B|---|----------------|----------------| G|---|----------------|----------------| D|)--|-4---------4----|------------(4)-| A|(4)|-2-2-2-2-2-0----|-(5)------(4)---| E|---|----------------|----------------| |--PM---| E----------------|------------- B----------------|-------(5)--- G----------------|------------- D-4---------4----|---(5)-----(5 A-2-2-2-2-2-0----|-(4)--------- E----------------|------------- |--PM---| E|---|----------------|----------------| B|---|----------------|-(5)------------| G|---|----------------|---(5)----------| D|)--|-4---------4----|-----(4)-(5)----| A|(4)|-2-2-2-2-2-0----|------------(4)-| E|---|----------------|----------------| |--PM---| Rythym part 1: ============== E----------------|---------------- B----------------|---------------- G----------------|---------------- D-4---------4----|---------------- A-2-2-2-2-2-0----|---------------- E----------------|---------------- Repeat Rhythym part 1 with the following lyrics: Return to my own vomit like a dog Rhymes and giggles muffle the dialogue Carve my initials in a tree I will never leave Maybe one day I'll be royalty Chorus: ======= E---------------------------|----- B---------------------------|----- G---------------------------|----- D-4----------4---4-4--4--4--|-9--- A-2--2-2-2-2-0---0-0--0--0--|-7--- E---------------------------|----- |--PM---| E|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------| D|-9-9---9----7----9\---| A|-7-7---0--------------| E|----------------------|
E---------------------------|----- B---------------------------|----- G---------------------------|----- D-4----------4--------------|-11-- A-2--2-2-2-2-0--------------|-9--- E---------------------------|----- |--PM---| E|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------| D|-11---11----9(v)---7\-| A|-9----0---------------| E|----------------------| Repeat the above chorus bit with: 'Born late - will I grad - u - ate ?' Then back into the rythym part 1 with these lyrics: 'Drink fountains are shorter than they used to be No body's s'posed to believe in the next grade Write it a hundred times' Then back into the chorus with these lyrics: Wait - ing Bells not ring - ing E----------------| B----------------| G----------------| D-11--11--11-----| A-9---9---9------| E----------------| Now some keyboard and bass stuff followed by: !-- Rpt 4 times--| E---------------------------|----- B---------------------------|----- G---------------------------|----- D---------------------------|-4--- A--------------------5-4--3-|-2--- E------------5-4-3-2--------|----- |----PM-----| E|--------------| B|--------------| G|--------------| D|--4-----------| A|--0-----------| E|--------------| Then the same again as above but with a bass solo over the repeated part 3rd Verse ========= Play the intro again with lyrics. Replacing the last bar of the intro with sommat like this: E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G-9(b)-7---7---------------------- D--------9---9-7-9-7-------------- A--------------------9-8-7-8-7-5-- E--------------------------------- Everythings gone quiet suddenly; no Dolby, and the theatre is empty Film is flapping on the side of the projector The reel is over Banished with my sticky shoes and stinging eyes Walking outside Back into the chorus with same lyrics as the first one Outro ===== E------------------------------| B------------------------------| G------------------------------| D------------------------------| A-2-----0-2-2-0-2------0-2-2-0-| E-----2--------------2---------| PM--------------------------| Repeat that bout six times ( with whispered: write it a hundred times) then: E-----------------------------| B-----------------------------| G-----------------------------| D-----------------------------| A-2-----0-2-2-0---------5-4--3| E-----2---------5-4-3-2-------| |--PM--------------------| theres quite a bit more outro left but I dont have time to type it all in at the moment
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