Butterfly Fly Away

Hannah Montana

Tom: C
C You tucked me in C Turn out the light F Kept me safe Am And sound at night C C Little girls depend on things G like that C Brushed my teeth C And combed my hair F Am Had to drive me everywhere C C You were always there when I G looked back F C You had to do it all alone F Make a live C And make a hope C C Must of been as hard as it G could´ve be F C And when I couldn´t sleep at night
F Scared things wouldn´t turn out C right C C You would hold my hand G And sing to me C C Caterpillar in the tree F F How you wonder who you'll be Am Can't go far C G But you can always dream C C Wish you may and wish you might F Don't you worry Am Hold on tight C I Promise you C G There will come a day (F G) C Butterfly fly away C C Butterfly fly away F Got you're wings Am Now you can stay C Take those dreams C G And make them all come true C C Butterfly fly away F Am You've been waiting for this day C C G All along you know just what to do C Butterfly C Butterfly C Butterfly (F G) C Butterfly fly away (F G) C Butterfly fly away (F G) C Butterfly fly away
Composição: Alan Silvestri / Glen BallardColaboração e revisão: LILIANE ROSACarolzinha Tiemi

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