Cuphead Rap

JT Music

Take a sip of this, I'm an itty bitty cuphead
One sentence in, I've already made a pun yep
Picking up steam, wonder why they call me hothead
Struck a deal with the devil, now I'm rackin' up debt
Yes I made a dumb bet, no need to get upset
I'm a cup of trouble, have you seen my mugshot yet?
Step in front of my finger gun, and you drop dead
Wallop all your bosses, leave 'em all jobless
They'll never stop me from runnin' like a faucet
I'm a full cup, don't you ever try to top it
You can never touch this, but you can kick the bucket
I'm meant to be drunk from, but not to be trusted

Heads up, hit the deck, mugman
You don't really wanna get your head busted
I'm a dirty dish, who needs a rough scrubbin'
After doing these devilish deeds - God damn!
I'll stop this train even if it's haunted
Where's my ship? Sorry just sunk it
Hopping like a frog, duck and dodge your punches
Won't shed a single tear when I'm choppin' onions
Spent all your breath huffin' and puffin'
Just to get dumped on by a cup for nothin'
Unless all you wanna end up dead
Don't mess with a cuphead, 'nuff said
Don't mess with a cuphead, 'nuff said
Don't mess with a cuphead, 'nuff said
Don't mess with a cuphead, 'nuff said
Don't mess with a cuphead, 'nuff said

You'll never catch me cryin' over milk I spilled
My head ain't empty, but who knows with what it's filled?
I took the devilish gamble
Nothing that a cuphead couldn't handle
And now it's time to foot the bibbadibibitty-bill

Any line that you happen to draw
Is a line I'll be stepping across
Trapped in a world lacking any natural laws
Have you had your coffee yet? Cuz I'm off of the walls
My demons need some exorcise
A little caffeine oughtta get 'em energized
Will we ever get to heaven when we die?
Can't get any worse, we already bet our lives

Forget fairy tales, they're fizzin out
I'd like to pick a fight with that prick, micky mouse
I'll kick his ass then I'll knock walt disney out
I'll leave 'em with a taste of toxic in their mouth (no!)
My hand's been dealt, it's a bad draw though
I'll go all in when the rest all fold
Look's like I'm on the last straw so
Better tell the devil th-that th-that's all folks!

Come see what we been brewin'
Something to keep ya movin'
Must be the beat I'm boomin'
Hit me with that funky music
How do we keep on groovin'?
Once could say we been juicin'
Beepin' boopin', looney toonin'
Time for you to face the music

I feel like the holy grail
Just hope I don't go to hell
If so that won't go so well
I've been bad, but no one tell
I'm much more than just cup
Raise a toast and pick me up
Pour one more and drink it up, but don't choke

Cuz I'm not the kinda cup you should be chugging from
I'll get the jump on ya when I run and gun
Working for lucifer is a ton of fun
You two, do my bidding, done and done
I'm a jazzy chap who'll leave you razzle-dazzled
After I whoop and wallop your ass in battle
When I'm stuck up shits creek without a paddle
Just imagine, the glass is half full

Composição: J.T. MachinimaColaboração e revisão: Ariel AndradeGameTube (One)

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