Sleep Now In The Fire

Rage Against The Machine

Tom: G
Tirado por Rômulo Teixeira - Banda DANUTS! Standard E tuning (EADGBE) riff 1 - intro ------ played four times E|------------------| B|------------------| G|----------5b-----.| D|-7-7--5-7----7--7.| played A|-0-0--0-0----0--0-| E|------------------| E| B| G| D|three times then A| E| E|-----------------------| B|-----7b-7b-7-7-5-------| G|-----7b-7b-7-7-5-------| D|-7-5-------------7p5-7-| A|-0-0-------------0-0-0-| E|-----------------------| riff 2 - verse ------
played several times w/ Digitech Whammy pedal set to harmonize a 4th down from normal pitch(you can make it sound harmonized without the whammy if you played the notes in the paranthesis) E|--------------------| B|--------------------| G|------------14------| D|-----------(14)-----| A|--12-----------12---| E|-(12)---------(12)--| P.M. on 12 riff one - chorus riff two - second verse riff one - chorus riff two - third verse riff one - played once Solo ------ While letting the guitar feedback, manipulate the sound using the toggle switch/whammy bar technique similar to the solo used in "Bullet in the Head" live. (Lead pickup set to 10, Rythym set to 0) riff one - outro
Composição: Brad Wilk / Tim Commerford / Tom Morello / Zack de la RochaColaboração e revisão: Romulo Teixeira

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