Born To Love Me

Roy Orbison

Tom: G
G                                    C   
Not many'd say she's pretty 'cause they don't realize  
D                           C             G 
that beauty is often hidden from anothers eyes  
But in a quiet moment her beauty starts to shine  
D                                      C                    
and every night I'm thankful that she's mine  
oh-oh that she is mine  
            G               C 
And she was born to love me in her gentle way  
D               C             G 
born to love me each and everyday  
Born to love me born to hold me tight  
D               C       D        G  
born to love me everynight, everynight  
I've learned it doesn't matter what other people see  
it's what I feel for her and what she feels for me  
She's made my life worth living because she understood  
that love is made for giving, she's so good  
oh-oh she's so good  
Chorus 2X and fade