The Clown

Roy Orbison

Tom: C
C            Em 
I was a clown when I thought I had found  
  F               G               C              G 
A love for me and only me but she laughed at the clown 
           F               G  
turned him down turned him down 
         C            Em 
I never frown ah, ah, ah, I'm the clown  
       F               G                    C            G 
for it breaks my heart I play the part of a clown runnin round 
        F              G 
trouble bound I'm the clown  
G                    C                     Em 
I wander all around, wondering if you ever cared  
  D       C        D                   C       D  
I go from place to place,  I look from face to face  
                        G     G7 
hoping that you will be there  
All over town the word is out, it's all around  
that I love her still guess I always will I'm the clown  
runnin round trouble bound I'm the clown