Wings Of Glory

Roy Orbison

Tom: D
Intro: D  Gm  D  Gm 
        D                           Gm 
I could ride on wings of glory to a mountain in the sky 
With fantasies and dreams of love  
Gm               D    Gm  D  Gm  D 
Too beautiful to die  
    D                       Gm 
And step into the door that time will never close 
With promises of all desire  
Gm                F#  Bm 
And love no other knows  
         A      D  Gm  D  Gm 
no other knows  
A                    Em 
When am I gonna stop reaching for a rainbow?  
    A                       Em 
You know I always wanted to fly  
A                      Em 
Could I reach the top, even with the moonglow  
A                    Em 
Blinding both of my eyes?  
Some resist the urge while tempted all the more  
All can feel their weakness  
Should they walk in the door  
As we ride on wings of glory together we sill fly  
To live our dreams and fantasies  
To music in the sky  
in the sky