Leopold Street

The Paper Kites

Tom: A
Intro: A D A D A E A D E A Verse 1: E F#m You were young but your eyes D were younger still E A When you found me there E F#m And you rode down the street to D watch me work E A Building tables and chairs E F#m You wore white we were married D in July E A In a church on a hill E F#m And I cried 'cos you looked just D like the winter [ Tab from: http://www guitaretab com/t/the-paper-kites/340647 html ]
E A Dressed in the light Chorus: D A Where do I go? D A E What do I know now? A D With my sweet love gone with my E A sweet love gone Verse 2: With my hands oh I worked the night and day And I built you a home And we raised our own children in those walls Now they're happy and gone And our yard it was colourful with flowers That scented the air And I watched as they slowly died away When you needed me there Chorus 2: Who do I be? What do I see now? With my sweet love gone with my sweet love gone Verse 3: You grew old so much faster than I could And I knew you would go Laid to rest on a Sunday afternoon And you left me alone Final Chorus How do I live? What do I give now? With me sweet love gone with my sweet love gone
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Pâmela Freitas

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