Midtown Waitress

The Paper Kites

Oh momma, I don't want to sit and listen to
What you're talking about
We're both young and we're going move to the city
Yeah, we found a little place up there
We don't need a lecture 'bout things that could go wrong
I'm not a child no more
So let me be my own
Let me be my own

So, I got a job as a waitress
It's not much, but we're getting by
Three months in, we're happy and we're living
Like I told you we could be
Every time I call you, yeah, you're crying
And I don't want to do you wrong
But I'm not coming home
Let me be my own

Oh, the things we do
To make it on our own

People say this town is fast, and if you don't hold on
It blows you back to where you came from
God is money, love's a game
And everyone is angry at the president
Protests on the street, people shouting
And I'll say that I'm angry, too
But not enough to go
I'm trying to be my own

Hey ma, it's been a while, yeah, I'm just checking in
Seeing how you've been
Nothing's wrong I'm doing fine, no, that's a lie
I'm not doing so well
Lost my job, and joey found religion
And he also found another girl
That's not how it's supposed to go
And I'm missing home
I'm trying to be my own
But I guess I just feel a little alone

Oh, the things we do
To make it on our own

Composição: Samuel BentleyColaboração e revisão: Thalyson FilipeHilldyson Levy

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